Table of Contents

  1. General, Domains & Overview
  2. Programming Languages
  3. IDEs
  4. Past experience with Libraries, Frameworks and Specific Technologies

General, Domains & Overview

  • Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Digital Image & video analytics and processing.
  • Research and Development (R&D).
  • Software engineering, development, architecture.
  • Lecturing, teaching and conducting training.
  • Applications of technology, Machine Learning, AI, and Computer Vision to different domains such as business and industrial problems, human welfare, and software systems.
  • Leading and managing teams of researchers, software engineers, etc.
  • Problem solving, planning, strategizing, critical analysis & thinking, effective presentation, communication, management and leadership.
  • Professional writing and publication of journal and conference papers, documents and books.

Programming languages

  • C (advanced level)
  • C++ (advanced level)
  • Python (advanced level)
  • Java (advanced level)
  • Cython (intermediate level)
  • SQL (intermediate level)
  • LaTeX (intermediate level)
  • C# (basic working level)
  • Prolog (basic working level)
  • HTML + CSS (basic working level)
  • Javascript (basic familiarity)
  • Julia (beginner level)
  • Go (beginner level)
  • PHP (no longer used)
  • MATLAB (no longer used)


Past experience with Libraries, Frameworks and Specific Technologies