C++ wrapper classes for MATLAB Engine

The MATLAB Engine can be used to call MATLAB from within C++ applications. This can used for many purposes such as gradual transitioning from a research work prototype to a working end-product (which could be commercialized) which is written in C++. However, the available MATLAB Engine API is tedious and can be made better and more elegant by wrapping the majority of the functions in C++ classes. The project provides the following functionalities:

  1. A MATLAB Engine C++ wrapper for general matrices
  2. A MATLAB Engine C++ wrapper for Armadillo C++ linear algebra library matrices.
  3. A MATLAB Engine C++ wrapper for the Eigen library.
  4. A MATLAB Engine C++ wrapper for the OpenCV library matrices.

Some of the code used in the wrapper have been adapted from Andrej Karpathy‘s code.

The source code is available at: https://github.com/Kyaw-Kyaw-Htike/Cpp-wrapper-classes-for-MATLAB-Engine

  • Programming languages: C++, MATLAB
  • Special Expertise Required: Matrix, matrix operations, MATLAB, MATLAB Engine